Sunday, October 19, 2008

Demo of mix-and-match combinations

Gypsy Mix-and-match demo

I hope this photo provides a decent example of the different looks that can be achieved with my gypsy's gown collection. This is only for one color combination, but you can see the different bodice and length styles.

Skeleton Key II

Skeleton Key II

A recreation of the original by request, in black. Only 199L.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Sprite in meadow green by Wishbox

Sprite in Sapphire by Wishbox!

Sprite in pink by Wishbox

"Sprite" in gold by Wishbox

Sprite in Wisteria by Wishbox!

I think this is so pretty. My new dress, "Sprite," would be so cute on a fairy. I'm very happy with the way it came out. The little bows and gauzy fabric are all joined to the skirt so you don't have to fumble with lots of attachments.

Megapack for "Sprite"

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Revolution" Steampunk Victorian gown

Steampunk Revolution in Steel Blue

Steampunk Revolution in Purple

Steampunk "Evolution"

My first steampunk item is this very intense and wonderful gown with all the works. Covered in lace and hardware, and a leather belt with buckled pouches.

You can wear the collar several ways: Solo, or with a scarf tucked in, or with goggles around your neck. A separate set of the goggles will go over your eyes. The jacket is fabulously strapped and buckled, and if you remove it you can rock the Victorian gown underneath solo (or the jacket solo for the daring). The top hats were just finished and will be available separately. In all this set includes about 15 items. I really hope you like it. :)

UPDATE: Be sure to stop by the store for a new freebie! I made a pair of handpainted flexi wings for you all.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

"Destiny" in Ice-blue


The Destiny outfit, now in ice-blue satin! The delicate embroidered patterns contrast with the silver harware, like the O-ring that joins the bust together. This would also make a great fantasy swimsuit.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Twilight Gown

Such a pretty gown for a dark fairy tale. The fabric is irridiscent and multifaceted, like shells or metal. The flexi sleeves and flexi bustle are made of whirls of ornate black lace.







Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mix-and-Match Gypsy ensembles!

I've just released my new mix-and-match gypsies line! This way you can get any color combination, length, sleeve style, skirt style, etc., you want.

Step 1. Choose a chemise...

chemise_yellow_box chemise_pink_box

chemise_red_box chemise_ecru_box

chemise_teal_box chemise_magenta_box

chemise_blue_box chemisemegapack copy

Step 2. Add an optional extension pack, especially if you'd like a longer skirt...


Step 3. Choose an overdress color...

Overdress_megapack copy

Then customize, mix and match to your heart's content!

Overdress_violet copy

Overdress rhubarb

Overdressred copy

Overdressgreen copy

Overdress_blackandgold copy

I also thought these would be good to have:

tambourine copy

tambohat copy

ankletsilver ankletgold

Wishbox is now located at the Bravehearts sim

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Folklore Dirndl

Oh how I love fairy tales and folklore, as if no one had already guessed! The fantastical and dreamy, the traditional and moralistic, the allegory of virtue, innocence, darkness or depravity ...

And duh, the clothes!

I present to you: the Dirndl. The style of dress loved by women for its merger of the traditional girl-next-door and the tempting but-oh-I'm-not-really-trying-to-tempt-you vixen, and loved by men for the unabashed decolletage and sense of festivity. In other words, cleavage and beer. Just go to Oktoberfest or look at any advert for St. Pauli ale.

But for me, Bavarian ensembles conjure the very spirit of Brother's Grimm stories and their classic germanic illustrations. I love the dirndl as a darling icon of a fascinating, tantalizing and uncertain world in the mythic dreamscape of fairy tales and folklore.





In fact I've already made a mini-dirndl before, but it's being taken off the virtual shelves as it was one of my first projects and in my opinion not up to par with my newest work.

The Folklore Dirndl, however, I'm thrilled about from the texturing to the prims. Each dress, aside from the varied color combinations, also has its own embroidery pattern unique from the others. There are two sleeve options (three if you count sleeveless): on or off the shoulder.

Click the pictures to see the larger images on Flickr, or navigate to the menu on the right to get an SLURL or go to SLX.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Purity Circlet

These intricate circlets are each adorned with four scripted gemstones and spindly metalwork in an elegant V-shape on the forehead to bring out your eyes and complete your fantasy look. The stones are scripted to listen to chat commands to change colors, making it much easier to match to any outfit on demand.