Thursday, January 26, 2012

Moogle Hat!

And now for something completely different: I decided to make an EXTREMELY CUTE moogle hat for all you other Final Fantasy lovers out there! It's available now in the shop. :)

Moogle Hat!

Click here to teleport to the shop in-world, or click here to see it on the Marketplace.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shady Grove - Mix and Match Role Play Dresses!

New in the shop! The romantic, mysterious, oaky-scented and perfectly loveable new "Shady Grove" roleplay dresses are more than stunning. They are also versatile enough to take you from barmaid to maiden, or even princess to pirate, giving you a lot of in-character use.

Shady Grove (Berry Wine)

Shady Grove (Plum Powder)

Shady Grove (Rusty Raven)

Shady Grove (Rose Red)

Shady Grove (Royal Blue)

Shady Grove (Garden Green)

Shady Grove (Sunset Pink)

This unique medieval set comes with multiple style options, and the different colors are even mix-and-matchable. The sculpted details are crafted to give your look depth while emphasizing your charms. It is fully modifiable, with no scripts, and can resize up and down.

  • Sleeve options: Long bell sleeves or short puff sleeves.

  • Skirt options: Full-sized princess gown, or smaller size for daily wear.

  • Unique sculpted attachments emphasize figure and add depth: Chest lacing, ruffles, sleeves and belt.

  • Fully modifiable: all parts size up and down, even down to half-size.

  • Mix and match with other Shady Grove colors, or wear the tunic top with your own pants!

  • Discounted megapack - 50% off! All seven colors for the price of 3 1/2! Mix and match to your heart's content!

Ready to purchase? See them on the SL Marketplace here. Teleport to the shop in-world here. Or see more pictures of this set on Flickr here.