Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Forest Princess

I wanted to change things up and make a feminine something with clean lines and light fabric, hence the slim sleeves, empire waist and gauzy folds of Forest Princess. It has a detailed sleeve texture with gold toggle buttons that extends into the gloves layer and nearly reaches the thumbs for a classic medieval styling. I'm also really happy with the texturing of the corset-style lacing on the back, which I finished off with a delicate flexi prim bow. I think it would look lovely on any lady or elf on a walk through the woods. 399L.

The SLURL for my shop in-world is in the menu to the right.

Velveteen Ribbons

I've always adored Gothic & Lolita (EGL) fashion with its Victorian and Rococo influences and dolly-dress shapes, so after considering it for a long time I finally felt my skill was up to par enough to branch out into the genre. Velveteen Ribbons took some time to make, getting the textures perfect, matching the skirt seams to the bodice, making sure it moves well, etc, and I'm so happy with the result and really think I accomplished what I was going for.

Prims include the puffed sleeves, sleeve cuffs with flexi bows, the lace-trimmed peter-pan collar, the flexi bow in the back, and lace & ribbon tops for the socks. One of my favorite creations yet, just 550L. :)

The Fairest Maiden

I spent a lot of time perfecting this one and I'm just in *love* with it.

The Fairest Maiden doubles as a gown and a lovely white chemise -- just add or remove the overdress as you like. It features puffed and belled flexi sleeves, a sweetheart neckline, corset-lacing up the bodice, and lace insets on the overdress.

The highly detailed hair wreath is also available.


Circlet of the High Priestess has gemstones that change colors with chat commands and on/off commands for a very subtle and infrequent bling. See those little tassles from the lower hoop? Those are flexi. Even though I named it High Priestess, it kinda reminds me of a Valkyrie.

The Trinity Circlet is in silver Celtic knotwork with a color-change jewel. It's also available in gold or in silver with no gemstone at all.

Soprano Gown

The Soprano gown was inspired by illustrations of princesses in Brother's Grimm fairy tales by Arthur Rackham. I updated the original with cleaner flexi sleeves and, thanks to several requests, made it in two new colors: white and gold. If you want another variation on this theme, try the Alexandria gown in pink.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Water Fae

Water Fae

This is my second fae, a complete outfit with wings and effects (no skin/hair included). I'm so much happier with these wings. First I drew them on paper before scanning and painting them in photoshop. I divided them into three flexi panels per wing so they would have lots of movement.

To add some jazz to the silks set I made these little water droplets as prim attachments to go over them, though they came out like pearls. They have a subtle, shimmery bling (not the blinding sort) that can be turned on and off.

There's also undergarment layers with a "bubble" look on them to add some drama to whatever skin you wear with it. You can tint them darker if needed, too.

The wand has a couple of effects -- it emits bubbles on command and whenever someone touches it, it makes bubbling noises. Heh.

Glade Nymph

Glade Nymph Fae outfit - Blue

Hooray, my new Wishbox blog is up (note that it's, so I'm going to start by posting a few of my favorite creations until I feel sufficiently up to date.

This is "Glade Nymph" in sky blue, a fae outfit that comes with the handpainted wings, flower clothing layers, flexi-vines belt, hairclip and a prim flower garter I was pretty much pulling my hair out trying to make *laughs*. All the prim flowers were made to match the ones in the texture, and although they look a bit washed out in the lighting here, they typically match the colors very well. These were the first wings I ever made, and they aren't flexi (yet?). It's also available in blush pink in my store.