Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cassiopeia Add-on Silks

Hello Dreamers!

Cassiopeia Silks Add-On

Cassiopeia is one of my favorite fantasy releases: Diaphanous wisps of fabric draped from fine, dripping chains of silver make it intricate, yet effortlessly beautiful.

Now you can amplify its allure with add-on silks in every color. Switch between the original flowing skirt and the seductive new silk as the setting befits. :}


The original Cassiopeia outfit and the add-on packs are both available in back of the main shop. Click here to teleport.

Friday, August 12, 2011

State Fair Dress!

State Fair Dress (Blue)

State Fair Dress (Yellow)

The "State Fair" dress is a carefree confection in cotton-candy colors! Especially designed for strolling through the flickering fairgrounds, snuggling your sweetie on the Ferris wheel, and practicing your swing for the dunk tank! A little skull with heart-shaped eyes adds a most charming carnie twist to the sugary sweet ruffled belt and other sculpted details.

Marketplace listing - Yellow
Marketplace listing - Blue