Monday, June 15, 2009

Dancing Deity


Graceful Arch

Outfit: "Tribal Fusion" Wishbox
Hair: "Electric" Cake
Skin: "DuskFay" PanJen
Tattoos: "A Night in Kandahar" GoK
Dances: "Belly Dance Chimera" Animazoo
Setting: The Wishbox Fairy Glade

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Water Fae, Remixed

Water Fae - A Siren's Ascent
A Siren's Ascent

Outfit/Wings: "Water Fae" Wishbox
Hair: "Electric" Cake

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Pirates and gypsies, revisited!

Gypsies and Pirates - Ship

Gypsies and Pirates - Sea Bound

Gypsies and Pirates - Rose Red

Remember that you can customize these dresses for which colors you match and which lengths you like. :)

"Charm" now in Black Onyx

Well, it's a Victorian-Steampunk-Gothic-Lolita-Dolly-Dress, of course.

"Charm" Gothic Lolita Corset Dress