Sunday, February 5, 2012

Red Rose Bouquets and Singles

Red Rose Bouquet

A baker's dozen beautiful red roses made of superbly detailed sculpts and textures. Beautiful petals are set off by delicate sprays of baby's breath.

Single Red Rose

Comes with two premier, beautifully sculpted single red roses. One is open and one is closed.

❤ Transfer permissions for gift-giving.
❤ Built in holding script and animation.
❤ Attaches to right hand (won't remove bridal jewelry).
❤ Wear to present to your recipient if you wish.
❤ Animation includes a smile for just a moment after your recipient wears them.

Perfect for: Valentine's Day, Saying "I love you", Congratulations, Applause for a performance, Engagement or Proposal gift, Secret Admirers, or just because (my favorite reason!).

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Thank you so much Lovies! ❤

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