Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wishbox Group Gift Time!

Free Group Gift!

This little dress is the Wishbox group gift this holiday. It's available in the store under the Christmas tree until New Years, so you still have time... Teleport to the shop to get yours!

P.S. Please don't forget to update your bookmarks and links to the new blog at wishbox-sl.com. I will stop updating this blogger blog pretty soon so please take note!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Goodie Box Gift Bundles!

Happy Holidays, Dreamers!

Gorgeous gift sets are now available in the store. They come all boxed up with pretty bows on top, fully transferable so you can delight those on your list! Each set contains quality, coordinated outfits and accessories. Best of all? They are discounted!

[Wishbox] EGL Gift Set

-- Reveries Babydoll Dress (Plum)
-- Skullybows hair accessories
-- Jane Heels Maryjane Shoes
-- Only L$350 (Value of L$673!)

[Wishbox] Medifantasy Gift Set

-- Signora della Rosa gown (Blue)
-- Unreleased Happy Foibles hair wreath
-- Trinity Circlet in Silver
-- Only L$380 (Value of L$873!)

[Wishbox] Silks Gift Set

-- Cassiopeia fantasy set (red)
-- Cassiopeia add-on silks (red)
-- Fairy Thigh Garter in red
-- Only L$399 (Value of L$799!)

Don't forget the other ways of gift-giving with Wishbox: There is a gift vendor at the front entrance of the shop with a catalog of Wishbox inventory that lets you click "Buy for a friend" and select your gift recipient. You can also purchase gifts through the SL Marketplace store.

Love and cheer,
Wisp Jinn

PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO UPDATE YOUR LINKS TO THE NEW BLOG: www.wishbox-sl.com and wishbox-sl.com/blog/

Monday, December 19, 2011

Wishbox Christmas Catalog

Hello Dreamers! I've just filled the store with Christmasy cheer, putting holiday releases all around the sparkling tree. Come take a look and see what you like! (And be sure to pick up a free copy of the beautiful Wishbox Christmas Lookbook photographed by Brie Pinazzo, if you'd like.)

Please note that the Wishbox blog is moving to www.wishbox-sl.com so please update your bookmarks and links! A more complete holiday listing can be found there. :)

Here are a few of the holiday releases available in the store:

Helper in Whoville

Helper in Whoville

Gingerbread, stitches, and stars, OH MY! It's got pockets full of peppermints! It's cute with boots! Spread the whimsy and delight in this Wishbox holiday ensemble! (And be adored for doing it!

Wishbox Group Gift

Christmas Reveries

Sweet dreams are made of these little babydoll dresses. Pearls, corset lacing, roses and ruffles are sure to inspire daydreams. See the whole line! There are several other rich, holiday-friendly jewel tones available.

Gingerbread Dress

Gingerbread Dress and Coffin

All gingerbread, candy canes and icing, this darling little dress with striped stockings -- and a matching gingerbread coffin -- add a somewhat macabre twist to a sweet and cheerful winter.

Gingerbread Coffin

Candy Cane Loli

Candy Cane EGL Dress

This tasty treat is topped off with candy-cane socks and a peppermint headdress! You also get an extra set of socks in a solid off-white color, one pair of lace sock tops, a petticoat, and bloomers.

More Holiday Items at the new blog here!

Fairest Maiden II (Cream)