Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Purity Circlet

These intricate circlets are each adorned with four scripted gemstones and spindly metalwork in an elegant V-shape on the forehead to bring out your eyes and complete your fantasy look. The stones are scripted to listen to chat commands to change colors, making it much easier to match to any outfit on demand.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Another gown that I spent a lot of time on (I always keep working on my creations until I feel there's nothing left to improve). This is the Dragonfly Gown. No, those aren't dragonflies in the brocade but butterflies -- This is actually named for a good friend of mine.

I love the delicate pink ribbons that lace up the corset and the sleeves, each finished with flexi ribbons. The skirt is fuller than my others, in more of a ballgown shape, with an optional bustle that attaches over it for added daintyness. This is my new favorite, so I hope it's well-received.


Luminary is a celestial goddess or perhaps a fae of starlight. The picture does not do the shimmering, detailed textures of the dress justice, so I may well end up photographing it again in better light. This also includes a high jeweled crown, a glowing scepter, grecian wrap sandals, a detailed necklace with a built-in spotlight, and flexi skirts in two lengths.