Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Avast! Pirate Lolita

Avast! Pirate Lolita (white)

Avast! Pirate Lolita (black)

Avast! Pirate Lolita (purple)

Avast! Pirate Lolita (pink)

My newest release is this adorable pirate lolita dress, with coat tails and a jolly-roger-adorned skirt. Little details like the beaded pocket on the jacket skirt and the bow, crossbones, and lace on the tricorn hat really pull the piece together. It even includes garters and stockings. Available in the shop and on SLX now -- get a discount with the megapack!

Fairy Garters

Fairy Garter I

Made totally of sculpted roses and lilies, with full blooms and new buds both. These are resize-scripted and can go even smaller. Made to go with the Thumbelina gown but these would be great for wedding events or fae in medifantasy RPs.

Fairy Garter II

Fairy Garter III

Tuesday, July 21, 2009



I was making another dress when I realized that my textures were taking on a rather leafy appearance. I uploaded it into SL and kept tweaking from there. In a way, Thumbelina was completely unplanned, but suuuuch a magnificent accident! It's become a must-have, especially with so many styling options and uses.

Thumbelina (Pale Rose)

Thumbelina (Red...A strawberry?)

This fantasy formalwear piece includes wings and FIVE skirt options! The sculpted flower garters are new as well, available separately.

Small AV? This dress is resize scripted and it can go down to very small avatar sizes, such as a child-sized fairy AV. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Scripted Lolita Crown

Lolita Crown

This spectacular piece of jewelry is highly detailed and fully customizable.

-->Retexturing: The bow, center fabric, and gemstones can all be separately recolored independently of each other with one streamlined menu.
-->Resizing:It's also scripted for one-click fitting. Made of microprims, it can even go VERY tiny if you'd like a sweet little bitty crown to wear in your hair. :)

Being so versatile, this can go with everything in the Victorian wing of my shop and some of the fairy outfits and dresses too, such as "Sprite."

Enjoy it!

Strawberry Snow

Strawberry Snow

The Fairy Bride dress with the new Lolita crown in white will make for a great EGL-style snow queen.

I love this frozen strawberry backpack by Rouge Darcy. It shoots snow!

Dress: "Fairy Bride" by Wishbox
Skin: "Moon" by Redgrave
Hair: "Moon" by Maitreya
Shoes: "Bridal Maryjanes" by Wishbox
Frozen strawberry by Rouge Darcy
Photo editing by me :)

Dark Fairy Bride

Dark Fairy Bride Dress

Full or Bare



Monday, July 6, 2009

Friday, July 3, 2009

Fairy Bride

Doll Bride

Everywhere I went throughout the design process people asked me where they could buy this dress, and it wasn't even done yet!

I'll try to get pictures of the back up soon -- it's corseted with a bow. The prim parts have easy menu-driven resizing. The whole dress glitters, too, which is controlled with a simple bling command!

Special thanks to Croon for cheering me on.

Fairy Bride - Bare Look

Fairy Bride - Lace and Sleeves

Doll Bride Maryjanes