Saturday, December 22, 2007

Glade Nymph

Glade Nymph Fae outfit - Blue

Hooray, my new Wishbox blog is up (note that it's, so I'm going to start by posting a few of my favorite creations until I feel sufficiently up to date.

This is "Glade Nymph" in sky blue, a fae outfit that comes with the handpainted wings, flower clothing layers, flexi-vines belt, hairclip and a prim flower garter I was pretty much pulling my hair out trying to make *laughs*. All the prim flowers were made to match the ones in the texture, and although they look a bit washed out in the lighting here, they typically match the colors very well. These were the first wings I ever made, and they aren't flexi (yet?). It's also available in blush pink in my store.

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