Saturday, December 22, 2007

Water Fae

Water Fae

This is my second fae, a complete outfit with wings and effects (no skin/hair included). I'm so much happier with these wings. First I drew them on paper before scanning and painting them in photoshop. I divided them into three flexi panels per wing so they would have lots of movement.

To add some jazz to the silks set I made these little water droplets as prim attachments to go over them, though they came out like pearls. They have a subtle, shimmery bling (not the blinding sort) that can be turned on and off.

There's also undergarment layers with a "bubble" look on them to add some drama to whatever skin you wear with it. You can tint them darker if needed, too.

The wand has a couple of effects -- it emits bubbles on command and whenever someone touches it, it makes bubbling noises. Heh.

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