Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tribal Fusion Belly Dancer

Tribal Fusion (black) by Wishbox

Tribal Fusion (red) by Wishbox

tribalfusionpurpboxTribal Fusion (purple) by Wishbox

Tribal Fusion (turquoise) by Wishbox

An edgy belly-dance outfit for the bohemian, industrial enthusiast, or fantasy RPer. The trailing fringe on the belt makes these ensembles look gorgeous with dances from Sine Wave (Purple Whirlpool is a keeper).

The prims are scripted for easy menu-driven resizing (a couple of clicks and that's it).

Inspiration: Tribal Fusion is a contemporary American derivative of American Tribal Style, which is a derivative in turn of Cabaret Belly Dance. It fuses diverse styles like Flamenco and Hip-Hop into its repertoire, and still achieves a serpentine, precise aesthetic. But mostly, the clothes are bad-ass.

I have these listed on XStreetSL and in my shop. The megapack is discounted. Hope you enjoy!


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